Busch Stadium becomes state of Maine…

I think we all saw a glimpse of how great John Maine can be…one hit, two walks, 6 SO over seven innings as the Mets sweep the Cards in a 10-0 drubbing.

Spectacular night for Maine and a spectacular night for Reyes going 2-5 with 3 RBI and a homer, Beltran with 2 HR of his own (2-5, 4 RBI for the night), PLD going 3-4 with a walk, Alou going 2-3 with a walk.  Even Shawn Green was 2-4.  Mets definitely proved that they can get it done on the mound as well as with their bats; sometimes it will be a close 2-1 game and other nights it will be a rout like it was tonight… 

For those worried about Delgado…he will come around even though he had a tough night at the plate.  It’s a long season and he will have plenty of time to get it together but there is nothing to worry about now.

Mets are off tomorrow before getting back at it at Turner Field Friday.  As I said the big challenge will be seeing how Oliver Perez can make an impression…we will see how things go though.


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