A few thoughts about the Yankees…

As a Mets fan it’s great to see that they are doing well as one of baseball’s best teams once again.  But you almost feel for what is going on over in the Bronx.  The Yankees lost another pitcher as Darrell Rasner broke his finger and according to Kim Jones of YES he will need emergency surgery.
This is getting quite absurd…their staff has run into all kinds of trouble and it has come at the most inopportune time.  Wang started on the DL, Mussina has seen time on the DL, Jeff Karstens is hurt, Kei Igawa has been a bust so far, and the Carl Pavano situation is a mess.  You almost feel sorry for the team and what they have gone through, especially since it can happen to anyone at any time.
Right now the offense that usually bails the Yankees out in times like this has gone a little flat.  They did put up 7 today so it is still a force to be reckoned with.  Even so, I would be very surprised to see them make the playoffs this year even with Clemens.
Just my thoughts.  Wasn’t able to see the game today because of prior commitments but good to see we hung on in the end.  John Maine is up tomorrow so hopefully we can sweep the Yanks and make some Red Sox fans even happier.  🙂  Admittedly it is a tad amusing to see Yankees Chick‘s reaction after each Yankees loss…


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